DrainCheck Tweak Tells You Amount Of Battery Drained While DND Was Enabled

If you think your jailbroken iPhone or iPad is experiencing an unusual amount of battery drain at night, then DrainCheck tweak for jailbroken iOS devices is here to help.

This tweaks makes iOS’s Do Not Disturb mode more useful by adding a battery monitoring system to it. When you enable Do Not Disturb mode on your device, the tweak starts recording remaining battery percentage of your device. Then later it tells you how much battery was drained while your device was in DND mode.

For example, if you placed your device in Do Not Disturb mode while your iPhone had 80% battery left, and during the night while the DND mode was enabled your iPhone dropped to 65% battery, DrainCheck will tell you about this drop. The tweak will tell you that your device’s battery dropped from 80% to 65% with a loss of 15%.

With this information you can check if your device is experiencing unusual battery drain. And if you do detect an usual drain you can use a tweak like Dra1n to find out if a jailbreak tweak is causing your device’s battery to fall more quickly.

You can download the DrainCheck tweak from developer’s repo (https://ginsudev.github.io/repo/) where it is available as a free download.

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