Find iPhone quickly by clapping your hands with Clap tweak

Clap tweak

Do you often forget where you left your iPhone and have a hard time finding it? If yes, then a new Cydia tweak called Clap can be of help. This tweak rings an alert sound on your jailbroken iPhone whenever you clap using your hands. It makes the device listen to high levels of sounds at user specified intervals and whenever it detects them it raises the alarm, letting you find the device instantly. It uses iPhone’s built-in microphone for the purpose.

To avoid false alarms the tweak uses a number of techniques, which includes using device’s accelerometer. So if your device is in your pocket or in your hand the tweak won’t ring the alarm  due to detected movements. Also, the alarm will only ring when the iPhone’s screen is off. There’s even an option that lets you disable the tweak when iPhone is charging.

While Clap tweak seems useful, it is certainly not for people who keep their smartphone on silent mode at all times. The hack automatically gets disabled when you put your device in this mode. We really hope that a new feature is introduced that lets user keep it activated when vibration is on.

According to tweak’s developer the battery usage of this tweak is “imperceptible”, which means you don’t have to worry about your device’s battery getting drained.

You can download Clap on your iOS device from Cydia for $0.99. Please note that currently only iPhone is supported.

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