Glance Tweak Brings Minimalistic Design To Lockscreen, Is Perfect For OLED iPhones

Glance tweak

Many users out there feel like Apple is not taking full advantage of the OLED displays found on its latest iPhones. What makes OLED screens different from LCD displays found on older iPhones is that this specific type of display allows the device to turn on specific pixels of the screen in order to show information while rest of the display remains off, thus giving the perfect true black look. This also helps the device in reducing battery consumption.

One place iOS can take advantage of iPhone’s OLED screen is on the lockscreen, by displaying time and text over a black background instead of the current lockscreen design that uses the whole display. This will also help in boosting iPhone’s battery life as the entire screen will not turn on every time a new notification arrives on the device.

A new jailbreak tweak called Glance does exactly that by replacing the normal lockscreen with a dark one. It not only adds a dark background to the lockscreen but also displays notifications, date, time and battery without any graphics, giving the lock screen a minimalistic look. Again the benefits of Glance don’t stop at its minimalistic looks but extend to helping in reducing battery consumption.

Glance jailbreak tweak

Glance offers extensive customization options too, enabling users to change their iPhone’s lockscreen just the way they like. From its settings, users can change the clock’s style and add more information to it, increase or decrease lockscreen timeout, enable or disable the cool charging animation, toggle between simple and original music widgets and increase the number of taps from 1 to 5 to prevent accidental lockscreen turn ons.

Glance tweak

You can download the Glance tweak for free from the BigBoss repo, however the tweak costs $1.49 that you need to pay after installing the tweak from Cydia. It works with iOS 11.4 all the way up to iOS 12.3.

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