Gravitation makes your home icons bounce


There are some great tweaks on Cydia that can help increase the usefulness of your phone and your productivity. Then there are some that are just for fun. Gravitation falls under the latter category. Once installed, there are a few basic options for you to configure, along with a few advance ones. You can select what Activator action you would like to activate Gravitation. You can also toggle things like if you can open apps when Gravitation is working, and if the labels should show or not when they are moving.



The advance ones options enable you to change things like gravity, friction, and bounciness.


In practice, Gravitation works well. Once it’s activate, the icon bounce around, according to how you move your device and how you set the settings. There are a few small caveats however.

A few things I found is that it would sometimes lag on my iPhone 5S. Not a huge deal, but it does take away from the experience. (I also had 7 more icons on the screen than normal. I’m not sure if that had an effect on it). I also found that if you have a tweak to hide icon labels, when you press the home button to disable Gravitation, it shows them again. It resets if you open an app or lock/unlock your phone.

Overall, Gravitation is a very fun tweak, with a few minor issues. Whether or not it’s worth $1.99 is up to you. You can find it on the BigBoss repo if you want to try it out.

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