IfFound tweak displays your contact information to someone who finds your device

IfFound tweak

iOS devices cost a lot of money and when you lose them it is certainly not the best feeling in the world. While Apple’s Find My iPhone service allows users to lock their device, locate it, send messages and prevent the thief from factory resetting, it the chances of getting the iPhone or iPad back with its help are still thin. A new tweak called IfFound has been released in Cydia that can help the person who founds the device to contact you by giving him or her relevant information. Of course all of this can be possible if that person is honest enough to return the device to the actual owner.

The tweak adds a ‘If Found’ button to the lockscreen one the opposite side of the camera grabber, which when tapped displays the owners name, email address, phone number and address. The tweak also displays a call button that when pressed directly calls the owners phone number. It is a pretty handy tweak provided your iOS device has not ended up in the hands of a bad person. The tweak can be pretty useful in an ideal situation but don’t get your hopes too high if you lose your device while IfFound is installed on it.

IfFound tweak (1)

IfFound tweak is fully compatible with iOS 7 and costs $0.99. It can be configured from Cydia where users can change certain settings and provide their personal information that will be displayed to the person who finds the device.

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  1. After latest IfFound update the control panel is displaying in Spanish not English on my English iPhone. WTF? There is an Apple approved “If Found” lock screen app in the Apple App Store now for only 99 cents. I guess it will be worth a buck to have something that actually works right.

  2. In if found2 you can not exit the popup so you need to tap on”Call contact” to get out of the screen. WTF!!??

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