InstantTouchID lets you unlock iPhone with Touch ID right from black screen

InstantTouchID tweak

Everyone who has ever used a Touch ID enabled iPhone or iPad would know that in order to unlock the device using the fingerprint scanner you first have to turn the screen on. You can do so either by pressing the home button or the power button. While it takes a second to do so, it is still an extra step many users would like to get rid of. The InstantTouchID tweaks makes the life of iOS users easier by letting them unlock their device right from the black screen, without even turning the screen on.

InstantTouchID comes with a number of options that includes ability for users to prevent the screen from turning on when a failed attempt is made, turning on vibration for when the authentication succeeds as well as when it fails. This tweak can make the process of unlocking iPhone faster and even more convenient with Touch ID. While Apple has significantly increased the speed of the Touch ID in the latest iPhone 6s, this tweak is still useful for those who don’t like to press the buttons or have malfunctioned home or lock buttons.

Similar functionality is also offered by VirtualHome tweak, which makes this hack a good alternative for VirtualHome.

You can download InstantTouchID tweak from Cydia for free. It works well with devices running iOS 9 or above.

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  1. If this is anything like virtualhome tweak then this is useless, it drains so much battery that its not even worth having it even temporarily.

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