iOS 14 Beta Jailbreak Showcased By checkra1n Member

checkra1n iOS 14 jailbreak

If you thought jailbreaking was dead, you need to reconsider your beliefs. Just a day after Apple’s iOS 14 beta release the jailbreak community is doing what it does best, hack Apple’s new iOS.

Recently checkra1n team member Dany Lisiansky has shared a screenshot of his iPhone running iOS 14. What makes his particular screenshot showing off iOS 14 beta different from the rest of us is the fact that it has icons for checkra1n and Cydia tucked inside an App Library folder. App Library if you don’t know already is a icon drawer feature in iOS 14 that lets users store icons away from the normal home screen pages.

The tease by Lisiansky is significant as it shows checkra1n team’s commitment and interest in releasing an iOS 14 jailbreak.

One thing that we need to remember is the screen shared by Lisiansky is from an iPhone 8 or earlier, as these devices have lifetime jailbreaks thanks to a the bootrom based checkm8 exploit. In fact he has mentioned #checkm8 in his tweet to emphasis on it.

That is the reason why he was able to jailbreak iOS 14 relatively quickly. The checkm8 exploit is only found on iPhone X and iPhone 8 or earlier. Devices that have A9 – A11 chips are vulnerable to checkm8. Any device released after iPhone X, which includes iPhone XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro Max etc do not have this vulnerability and require some other exploit to be jailbroken.

If it was a new exploit than it would have taken team checkra1n or any other developer team for that matter several days if not weeks to find an exploit and jailbreak the devices under a new OS.

Team checkra1n has not officially revealed any plans regarding the release of an iOS 14 beta jailbreak. At this point we can’t be sure if a jailbreak for iOS 14 beta will be released or developers would like to put their time and effort on iOS 14 jailbreak once the software is released to the public in the fall.

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