iOS 14 Safari To Let Users Log Into Websites With Face ID

iOS 14 Safari Face ID Login

iOS 14 Safari Face ID Login

Accessing password protected login screens with iPhone and iPad Safari is going to become a lot more convenient with iOS 14. Apple has released a new Web Authentication API that will enable web developers to build their websites with Face ID and Touch ID support.

When websites are built with support for this API iPhone and iPad users will be able to bypass username and password and directly authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID biometric feature of their device. Once this feature is widely adopted by web developers, logging into websites will be equally seamless as it is when logging into apps with Face ID.

Apple has revealed details about the new API at a WWDC talk and has made it available to developers.

Face ID and Touch ID provide a frictionless experience when logging in — and now you can use them on your websites in Safari with the Web Authentication API. Discover how to add this convenient and secure login alternative to your website.

If you’re an interested developer who wants to learn more about this new Web Authentication API and Safari 14 beta, then you can check out Apple’s WWDC talk here.

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