KBAppDock Tweak Puts App And Action Shortcuts Under iPhone Keyboard

KBAppDock Tweak

On iPhone X or later iOS leaves a lot of wasted spaces right below the keyboard. This empty space could have been used in a better way by Apple’s developers. That is exactly what developer of the KBAppDock tweak has shown us as his hack places shortcuts to various apps or actions right below the keyboard.

Once you have installed the tweak you can choose whether you want to show app icons or action modules under the keyboard. Whichever option you choose to show below the keyboard, the tweak will display those icons in a side scrolling list. The list of icons will appear every time iPhone’s keyboard shows up regardless of the screen you are on.

For apps you can choose any installed app. Within tweak’s settings you are given a list of all the apps that are installed on your device. You can add your desired apps to the list and rearrange them in the order you want them to appear int he KBAppDock.

If you choose to show action module under the keyboard, then you can choose to show shortcuts for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, UICache, Screen Lock, Dark Mode, Orientation Lock, Low Power Mode, Safe Mode, Respring and Reboot. Just like the apps you can also add or remove your desired items and rearrange them according to your preference.

While some people might like that the app makes them choose between app and action module, perhaps it would have been better if users were given option to add both app shortcuts and action buttons at the same time. Rather than making them choose between the two.

KBAppDock tweak for jailbroken devices is available under the Twickd repo for free. It works with iOS 14 and iOS 13.

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