4 Ways to Know If Your Phone Is Tapped

There are many reasons why someone would like to tap your phone. Maybe, someone wants to learn how to access your bank account or social media, or even to track your phone’s location. However, some reasons are far more sinister.

So if you’re suspicious, cautious, or simply curious, knowing how to know if your iPhone is tapped is knowledge worth knowing.

Can Someone See What I Do on My iPhone?

Whether or not your phone is being tapped, someone is probably able to see what you do on your phone. Some do it legally, like your phone company and security services, some engage in criminal activity. 

Criminals will get access to your phone, meaning they can use it to do as they like. They could see and manipulate your screen, calls, messages, apps, or any data found on your device. 

The most common phone tapping techniques are:

  • Using spy apps –  Spying apps are increasingly widespread since they focus on protecting one’s safety (it could be your child, spouse, or employee). According to Anjelica Rivera, an expert in cyber security, the most popular spying apps are mSpy, Spyic, and Cocoscopy.
  • Hacking a phone – Phone hackers are able to breach your data and communication channels after forcefully entering your phone.  
  • Telephone tapping device – This method includes using a specific device created for bugging a cell phone.

How to Know If Your Phone Is Tapped?

iPhones may be among the most secure devices out there however every now and then we hear about some sort of iOS vulnerability that puts data of iPhone users at risk. These vulnerabalies are used by hackers to tap user devices and steal their data.

Battery problems

If you notice your battery warming up often or short battery life, there’s a probability that your phone is being tapped. Battery problems can actually signal the increasing activity of a third party. If you are aware of when and how often you use your phone, you will be able to recognize suspicious activity. 

They will use it to get into your phone calls as well. 

It is important to know how to tell if someone is listening to your mobile phone calls. Other indicators could also be weird background noises.  

However, it does not mean that all battery problems are signs of phone tapping. You might have forgotten to exit some of the apps or you’re using one of the battery killing apps. 

Your Phone Uses More Data Than Usual

In order to collect the information from your phone, the attacker will need access to your mobile data. Again, increased data usage may also be due to some apps needing more data to run properly, but it isn’t always the case.

You probably won’t detect a few more megabytes, but if the numbers are too high or even affect your phone bill, it may be a sign that somebody is tapping your phone. 

Not only will the third party affect your privacy, but it can also affect your budget, so be extra cautious.

 Weird Unknown Apps on Your Phone

It is relatively common that we don’t notice all the apps running in the background or even the apps existing on our phones. Mostly, you use the same apps daily, so it doesn’t change that often. 

However, you should know all the apps in order to catch the ‘alien’ ones. Attackers will sometimes install a new app on your phone, making it easier for them to track your data. 

You might also want to check Facebook privacy settings and try to keep Instagram and other social network profiles private. 

Be cautious and always download new apps from a trusted app store. 

You’re Receiving Strange Texts from Unknown Numbers

Hackers can bug your phone remotely, which is why you can receive confusing SMS messages from an unknown number. Sometimes, they contain weird letters and digits, or even malicious links. 

It may seem like spam, but this is a common sign that there is malicious software running on your phone. If you receive these messages, it means that something went wrong when the attacker tried to breach your phone. Usually, it is the coding mistake when creating the spying software.

Not only will you receive the messages, but the software will sometimes send strange texts to your contacts as well. You must not ignore these signs since your phone is most probably being tapped.

iPhones are arguably our most valuable possessions. We keep our personal data, contacts, memories, and bank accounts on devices that we feel are safe solely by our physical possession. However, they are far more compromised and it is important to be aware of all the malversations that affect our privacy or even our lives.

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