Knock tweak adds new ‘hard tap’ actions to Activator

Knock tweak

Activator supports tons of actions and gestures, however if you still want to add more ways to perform different tasks on your iOS device then Cydia developers have got you covered. A new tweak called Knock adds a brand new action to Activator, allowing users to set actions that will be performed when they hard tap or knock on left or right side of their device.

That’s not all as this tweak features knock action support for front (screen) and backside of the device as well. Users can assign any function that is supported by Activator tweak to knock actions.

Knock uses iPhone’s accelerometer to detect the knocks made by the user and tries to consume as little CPU and battery power as possible. While developer has put his best effort to ignore the knocks that are made unintentionally such as the tweak ignores unnecessary knocks on the screen, while the device is asleep or when the device touches other things it is still not perfect. So you might see things happening by knocks you did not even intended to make. Despite all that the tweak works pretty well.

One thing you should consider doing in order to minimize impact when a knock is performed accidentally is to not assign actions such as power off or respring to knocks.

One good use of Knock actions could be to use it with ActIf tweak for Activator (we have not tested if both of these Activator tweaks work with each other, if you do then let us know in comments).

Knock is available in Cydia for $0.99. It only works on iPhone and iPod touch.

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