Make iOS 7 status bar look more like iOS 6 with these tweaks

iOS 6 like status bar

Do you still miss the good old look of iOS 6 and hate even the most subtle changes iOS 7 brought to operating system? If yes then there are a few options at your disposal that you can use to bring some of the visual elements of iOS 6 back, provided your iOS device jailbroken. Just like any other section the status bar also received an overhaul with the release of iOS 7 bringing a new look to it. However if you don’t like it you can get the old design back using the two tweaks below.

iOS 6 ClassicBattery (Alkaline)

We have posted about Alkaline tweak before. It is a theme platform for iOS 7 that enables users to get a totally different looking battery indicator in their status bar. Luckily for you a theme called iOS 6 ClassicBattery (Alkaline) brings the classic battery indicator to iOS 7. Changing the battery indicator significantly changes the overall look of the status bar making it look more like iOS 6. You can get iOS 6 ClassicBattery (Alkaline) from Cydia for free.

After installation you will have to activate the theme from Settings. Go to Settings > Alkaline > Enable, and then Select iOS 6 ClassicBattery from list of available themes and respring.

Signal Bars iOS7 Theme

One of the most controversial changes iOS 7 brought to iPhone included the new cellular signal indicators, which are made of circles or dots instead of bars. If you are jailbroken you can bring back the classic signal bars by installing the ‘Signal Bars iOS 7 Theme’ from Cydia. After installing you will have to activate it from WinterBoard and then respring your device.

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