Send unlimited photos from your iOS device with MailUnlimitedPhotos tweak

Most of us use our iPhone and iPad for sending and reading emails due to their portability and ease of use. While sending emails is as easy as it could get on iOS sending photos with it is a painful process. The software limits users from sending more than 5 photos at once. In order to send many photos you have to separately email them in sets of 5. 

MailUnlimitedPhotos tweak

If your device is jailbroken then a new tweak called MailUnlimitedPhotos can solve that problem for you, as it allows users to send multiple photos at once from their iOS device. Say for instance you’ve just gotten back from a vacation and you are looking forward to emailing the photos from the trip to your family and friends. However you are only allowed to send five photos at a time from the Photos app, so you are forced to send them separately. This not only makes the process lengthy but it will also flood your recipients inbox’s. MailUnlimitedPhotos removes this pointless restriction and enables you to attach as many photos as you want to a single email.

It’s a fairly small and simple tweak, but it’s a must have if you are someone who sends photos via email frequently. As you can see, it is extremely non intrusive to the interface of the photos app, and after a while you will assume that it is a stock feature of iOS 7.

MailUnlimitedPhotos is available in Cydia for free.

Not jailbroken? try this: How to mail more than 5 pictures from iPhone or iPad

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