Membrane Tweak Gives You More Control Over iPhone’s Cellular Internet Settings

If you are looking for a way to gain more control over the Cellular Internet settings of your iPhone, then the Membrane tweak is the one for you. This handy little tweak makes the life of iOS users easier by making it possible for them to enable an app’s access to cellular data without leaving the said application.

Normally you would be required to go to Settings > Mobile Data and turn on the Mobile Data access, and once you are done you will be required to turn it off manually. With Membrane the whole process becomes as simple as tapping on a button. When you launch an app for which the mobile data access has been turned off, a popup appears that allows you to enable access temporarily. When you temporarily grant an app access to Cellular Internet, it is revoked automatically as soon as you exit the application.

Membrane tweak also has other features such as ability to automatically refresh the cellular stats when your mobile data package renews, track usage and days remaining to when your package reviews, deny apps the ability to use cellular data in the background and more. It solves all the problems related to Cellular Internet, and unlike any third-party App Store app it integrates directly into the operating system.

The Membrane tweak fully supports cellular devices running iOS 10 or above. It is available in Cydia at a price of $1.29.

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