New Cydia tweaks: DoublePass, SelfDestruct, ScreenShotAlbum and QuickWeather

Today’s Cydia tweaks roundup is here and it features four new hacks that bring handy customizations to your iOS devices. The roundup consists of DoublePass, SelfDestruct and ScreenShotAlbum, which are available for free whereas QuickWeather is available as a paid download. All of them are available in Cydia right now.


This is a good tweak to protect your privacy from prying eyes. Once installed unlocking your device will require you to enter the password twice. The purpose of tweak is to hide the real password form people standing by your shoulder or sitting near you. Another benefit of this tweak is that because it requires users to enter the password twice they won’t be able to use the brute force technique to get access to your device. You can get DoublePass for free from Cydia.


SelfDestruct is a powerful tweak that allows you to force quit any frozen app or tweak. Let’s say there is an app or tweak on your iOS device that freezes very often forcing you to hard restart your iOS device to get it working. After you install this tweak no more hard restarts will be required as you will be able to close the frozen app or tweak by performing a simple Activator action or gesture. SelfDestruct is available for free at Cydia under BigBoss repo.


Every time you take a screenshot by the “Home + Power button” combination on your iOS device it saves your shots to the same album where your camera shots are stored. ScreenShotAlbum simply changes that by saving these screenshots to a separate album without messing up with your camera photos. Download it for free from Cydia.



Do you check your weather frequently? If yes then this tweak is going to make your life easier. Just assign an Activator action to QuickWeather and you will be able to get the latest weather by a single tap or swipe. This tweak requires iOS 7 and you can get it from Cydia for $0.99.

Note: For QuickWeather to work you need your location services to be enabled for built-in Weather app.

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