New tweaks: Ariki, FBMChatHeads, Macio, Watchdog Pro and more

Have you opened and refreshed Cydia lately? If you haven’t then now is the perfect time to do so as a bunch of great new tweaks have been made available on the store . To make it easier for you to discover these new hacks we have created this short roundup featuring all the new entries. Read on to learn about the newly released Ariki, FBMChatHeads, FastCenters Macio and Watchdog Pro.


Ariki tweak

Ariki tweak makes it possible for you to see the ground while you walk and type. This tweak makes sure you actually know where you are stepping your foot at. Since activation of camera increases the use of your device’s battery, the tweak lets you only enable the camera mode only when you need it. Ariki’s camera mode for keyboard can be activated by long pressing the space key. You can also turn on the flash light if you are using the tweak at night by holding the ‘F’ button. Ariki is available in Cydia for $1.49.


FBMChatHeads tweak

FBMChatHeads tweak brings Facebook Messenger’s famous chatheads to iPhone. The most notable thing about this tweak is that the chatheads are made available system wide, giving you the ability to reply to messages from anywhere. You can download FBMChatHeads for $1.49.


FastCenters removes the sliding animation that appears when you dismiss the Control Center or the Notification Center, making the process faster. It is available for free.


Macio tweak makes it possible for users to set keyboard based shortcuts for Activator actions. The tweak if configured rightly can make your life a lot easier and let you perform different actions just using the keyboard. This should be even more useful when used with an external keyboard, however we are unsure if Macio supports such functionality. You can download Macio for $1.99 from Cydia.

Watchdog Pro

Watchdog Pro tweak

Watchdog Pro, which is the ‘Pro’ version of the free Watchdog tweak allows users to make their iOS device run apps in the background and prevent their suspension. The tweak offers many features including ‘Smart Background’, which brings ability for users to force apps to get suspended as soon as they go into background.

The ‘Prevent Suspension’ feature on the other hand keeps apps running even when they are not under use. The ‘Keep in Foreground’ makes apps that do not run in the background, work when they are not in use as if they were still running on screen. Watchdog Pro is available in Cydia for $2.99.

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