New tweaks to try: Volume Mixer 2, PauseAfterCall, SpringFade and more

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There may not be a jailbreak for iOS 9.3 yet, however that does not mean there are no new tweaks being made for iOS 9. Just this week a bunch of awesome new hacks were unleashed in Cydia that allow users to improve their iOS experience. If you are lucky enough to have a jailbroken iOS device, then read on to learn about the new tweaks. Today’s roundup includes Airplane Enhancer, PauseAfterCall, Volume Mixer 2, SpringFade and FTAdjust.

Volume Mixer 2

Volume Mixer 2 tweak

The Volume Mixer 2 tweak lets you control the volume for every media channel and output device individually. This means you can set a different volume for ringtone, speaker playback for audio and video, headset, Bluetooth headphones and phone call. The Volume Mixer that can be accessed through an Activator gesture allows users to add or remove sliders according to their liking. You can even choose from different themes and customize the way it looks. Volume Mixer works with all devices running iOS 9 or above and is available for free to those who own the older version. Other can purchased it for $0.99.

Airplane Enhancer

Airplane Enhancer as its name suggests aims to improve the Airplane mode. With this hack installed you will be able to keep airplane mode turned on for as long as you want and have it activated at each hour. Airplane Enhancer also deactivates airplane mode after 5 minutes. It can also keep the WiFi activated. You can download Airplane Enhancer tweak from Cydia for free.


PauseAfterCall tweak changes the behavior that causes music to resume after you end the call. So if music is playing and you get a call, with PauseAfterCall installed the music will stop until you replay it manually even after the call ends. The hack supports most third-party apps, however oddly may not be compatible with the stock Music app according to its developer. You can download the tweak for free. It is compatible with devices running iOS 7 up to iOS 9.


Springfade tweak

SpringFade as is obvious by its name brings fade effects to the iOS SpringBoard. The fade effects can be seen while closing or opening an app, unlocking the device as well as when interactive with folders. The tweak is available for free.


FTAdjust tweak

With FTAdjust tweak you can change the font size of the folder label. In tweak’s Settings, you can add the font size and the change will be made immediately. It is a free tweak for iOS 9.

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  1. Is it rootful or rootless? I have a JB iPhone X running iOS16.6.1 (rootless) and I would love a way to control all the volume levels. Thanks

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