How to enable native notifications in Chrome for Mac

Native notifcations Chrome

If you are a Chrome for Mac user, then you would have noticed that the browser sends you notifications whenever you are using some other app. So when you receive a message from a web app that is opened in Chrome browser, you receive a notification. The notification that appears on top right corner of the screen is nothing like the native OS X banners, because Chrome uses its own notification system. That changed recently when Google finally added the OS X native notifications support to its popular browser. Now Mac users are able to receive notifications from web apps opened in Chrome just like they do with any other native app on their computer.

The notifications not only look like native OS X banners but they are also displayed in the Notification Center. Although the new notifications support has been added to Chrome it is not enabled by default. To enable native notifications in Chrome for Mac, you have to copy the following URL in your address bar, hit enter and then click on the ‘Enable’ button under ‘Enable native notifications’. Upon doing so you will start receiving native OS X notification alerts from Chrome.

Enable native chrome notifications


That’s it. Now native notifications are enabled for your Chrome. Do note that this feature has yet to roll out by default, so you may experience some issues. For example after enabling the feature we didn’t receive the notifications on several occasions.

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