NoKeyPop removes the pop up effect from iOS keyboard

On any iOS device when you are typing on the keyboard there’s a pop up effect that appears on the key you have just pressed. This pop up effect is not only there to make the keyboard seem more interactive but it also shows the button you have tapped so you know that you have touched the correct key. This is useful since the button is actually covered by your finger and you are unable to see it. While most users don’t mind the pop effect there are always people with a different opinion. The new NoKeyPop tweak removes the pop effect from the iOS keyboard.

By simply installing the tweak and enabling it from Settings you will be able to get rid of the effect and use the keyboard without any visible effect. The NoKeyPop tweak makes the iOS keyboard more subtle to use. It works on all buttons including the alphabetic keys as well as for keys for numbers and characters.

You can watch the tweak in action in our demo video above. It is available in Cydia for free and works on all versions of iOS above iOS 5.

Another interesting tweak for keyboard is KeyboardVibrate8, which adds vibration feedback to it.

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