NoUpdateHistory tweak removes App Store’s update history

NoUpdateHistory tweak

The dedicated App Store app of iOS provides an easy way for users to manage app updates for installed applications through its ‘Updates’ page. This page conveniently lists all the apps whose update has been released and is now available for download. While the updates page provides a very useful functionality it is also full of clutter. In iOS 7 Apple started showing app update history on this page along side the apps that have updates available.

The apps that you have already updated don’t just go away from the ‘Updates’ page but instead remain accompanied by the ‘Open’ button. Although some people find it useful as they can see what features previous updates brought to their favorite apps it is rather annoying for most people who find this feature completely useless. If you belong to the second set of people then a NoUpdateHistory tweak can help. This tweak simply removes the app update history, allowing you to only see the apps that have an update available.

App Store history

NoUpdateHistory tweak is available in Cydia for free. It is compatible with versions iOS 7.1.x up to iOS 8.1.x. There are no settings to configure for this tweak, it removes the history right after you install it.

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