Now with iOS 8 support: TinyBar, iAppLock, SubtleLock, GuestMode and more

Cydia tweaks that were released for iOS 7 last year are rapidly being updated to support the new iOS 8, which thanks to Pangu can now be jailbroken. Today several popular tweaks received iOS 8 and iPhone 6 compatibility including TinyBar, iAppLock, SubtleLock, GuestMode and CustomCover. Read on to learn what these hacks do and how you can download them on your jailbroken device.


TinyBar Tweak

The iOS banner notifications are obnoxious and unnecessarily take up a big part of the screen when they appear. TinyBar fixes that by limiting banners to the area allocated to status bar in iOS. To show more text than can fit in one line the tweak scrolls the message’s content in the status bar. With the recent iOS 8 update TinyBar has also added for quick reply functionality of the notification banner and you can easily reply to a message by pulling it down. If you are interested then you can download TinyBar on your iOS 8 powered device by adding in your sources.



iAppLock was a great tweak for iOS 7 that allowed them to password protect their favorite stock and third party apps. The tweak recently got updated to add support for iOS 8. You can get it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Please note that you will have to purchase the pro version to access all features iAppLock has to offer.



SubtleLock has been around since iOS 6 and recently its beta version with support for iOS 8 was made available for download. The tweak allows users to have a minimalistic experience on their lockscreen by sliming down the slider and clock. It also pushes the battery indicator to the top left when your device is plugged in. If you are interested in trying out SubtleLock’s then download the .deb from here.


guestmode tweak

GuestMode tweak essentially adds a guest mode to your iOS device by letting friends and family use your iPhone or iPad without giving them access to specified parts of the device. You can choose which apps guest users can access and which parts of iOS they can’t open. You can protect your messages, contacts, photos, Safari tabs and much more. When GuestMode is installed and enabled a ‘Guest Mode’ button appears on the passcode screen. This button can be tapped instead of entering the passcode to gain a limited access to the device. You can download GuestMode for your device from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It costs $0.99 and supports both iOS 7 and iOS 8.


CustomCover tweak

With CustomCover tweak you can customize the look of Music app’s album artwork by adding boundaries and other themes to them. It significantly changes the appearance of the artwork giving your device’s now playing screen and lockscreen a unique look. There are several themes to choose from. It is available in ModMyi repo.

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  1. Found a bug with activator/touch id, which I mapped to the home button. It stops working after a phone call but works again if you lock and unlock the screen. This is only after making a call, not receiving one. Anyone getting the same results? Any suggestion to fix this issue

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