PhoneCaller tweak displays caller ID for unknown numbers

phonecaller tweak

We have all been in situations when we received a call from an unknown number and didn’t know whether to pick it up or not. Well the new PhoneCaller tweak makes the life of iPhone users much easier by displaying caller ID for numbers that are not even in user’s contact list. The tweak uses the popular TrueCaller app to check the information for the number and displays it to the user. The tweak displays the caller’s name and image, just like iOS does for contacts that are in your address book.

In addition to showing caller ID for incoming calls the tweak also shows this useful information when you dial the number in the Phone app. This is useful at times when you are dialing a number but are unsure of whether it is right or not. According to tweak’s description, PhoneCaller works in all countries and has the information of over 2 billion phone numbers.

There are multiple settings you can configure from the tweak’s preference page such as you can choose the duration of how long the caller info should be displayed for, configure the tweak to fetch information for all calls or just unknown callers and more.phonecaller tweak1

In order to use PhoneCaller tweak you are required to also install the TrueCaller app, which is available through the App Store for free.

PhoneCaller tweak can be downloaded from Cydia for $1.99. It works with iOS 8 or above.

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