PowerBanners turns ‘Low Battery’ notifications into banners

PowerBanners tweak

When you are running low on battery on your iOS device you start getting notifications telling you about the state of your battery. While these notifications are useful they are pretty annoying as well because they require you to tap on the ‘Dismiss’ button in order to get rid of them.

A new tweak called PowerBanners solves this problem by replacing the pop up low battery notifications with banners. As seen in the first screenshot above you get the banner notification telling you how much battery is left in your iPhone. This banner just like any other notification banner dissappears after showing up for a few seconds.

The tweak comes with a preference bundle as well that includes option to enable or disable the tweak, make the device vibrate when low battery notification appears and show a notification on respring about the battery running low.

You can get PowerBanners tweak from Cydia for free. It is located under the Bigboss repo.

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