QuickScope brings a sleek searching solution to iOS

QuickScope tweak

Despite its good features and being just a swipe away, iOS’s Spotlight search lacks in many departments. We have seen countless tweaks that either try to replace the stock searching solution of the OS or make it better by changing the way it works. QuickScope is yet another search tweak for iOS that tries to make the search experience better, however what makes it different is that it follows a different approach, and is actually good at what it does. It aims to be sleek, faster and to the point alternative to Spotlight search by displaying only the information needed by the user.

With QuickScope tweak you can search for a number of usual things such as contacts, apps and Settings toggles. In addition to all that you can also use it to perform certain useful actions such as to play music, compose and send a tweet, create a quick note, perform calculations and look for interesting stuff around you. But that’s not all as QuickScope has another very useful feature, which lets you learn about movies of your choice right on the search page. It shows information about the movie that includes cast members, a short description and score given to it by critics and viewers.

QuickScope tweak 2

To make it easier for users to find relevent information QuickScope comes with three modes. The ‘Everyday Search’ mode allows you to look for apps and toggles. You can launch QuickScope and simply start typing.

The ‘Interactive Mode’ lets you perform certain actions such as play music etc. To use this mode you have to hit the space button once and then type whatever it is you want to get results for.

Then there’s ‘Movie Mode’, which can be accessed by hitting the space button before and after the movie name. For example if you want to look for the movie ‘Her’, simply hit the space and type the word and then hit the space again.

QuickScope search bar appears on the app switcher screen, so the Spotlight search also works as normal on the homescreen.

QuickScope tweak is available in Cydia for $1.50. It is not compatible with iPad yet and required iOS 7 or above.

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