QuickUnlock tweak gives quick access to device by bypassing the lockscreen

iOS lockscreen

Do you find it annoying when you have to perform slide to unlock gesture every time you want to access your iPhone or iPad. In situations like when you are chatting with your friends or using the calculator you wish you could simply access your device without having to unlock it again and again. Well the new QuickUnlock tweak does exactly that by allowing users to access their iOS device by bypassing the lockscreen. It is a simple tweak that takes you to the homescreen as soon as you press the lock button.

QuickUnlock bypasses the lockscreen, however the tweak does let you view it if you have pending notifications displaying on LS. In that case the lockscreen behaves normally and you can either swipe on the notification to open the relevant app or simply unlock the device by performing ‘Slide to Unlock’ gesture.

While QuickUnlock tweak adds convenience for the users that convenience comes at a price. The hack also bypasses the passcode or Touch ID authentication, which means anyone can access your device if you don’t have pending notifications.

So if you are worried about privacy it is better to avoid installing QuickUnlock. If you don’t have a passcode lock enabled then QuickUnlock is a must have. We hope developer could introduce a feature like the ability to restrict QuickUnlock only when the device is connected to home WiFi similar to CleverPin, so people who have passcode lock on can also use it.

You can download QuickUnlock tweak from Cydia for free. It works on iOS 7 and iOS 8.

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