RiftBoard Tweak Lets You Access Homescreen Without Leaving Current App


Would you like to have a macOS LaunchPad like launcher on your iPhone or iPad, which can allow you to see all your homescreen icons in the app you are currently using? If yes, then try the new RiftBoard tweak for jailbroken devices. The tweak gives a quick homescreen access to the user, without needing him or her to return to the homescreen. This tweak can be useful for quickly opening apps without pressing the home button. A great thing about this hack is that when you access the RiftBoard screen you can still see the app you were using in the background, which looks pretty nice.

To access the RiftBoard you have to perform an Activator gesture. As the tweak is using Activator you can assign any gesture you like to it adding to the convenience it offers. In addition to letting you interact with the homescreen RiftBoard also features the spotlight search screen that you can access by swiping to the left side. Perhaps this makes the tweak even more useful as you can use it simply to access the spotlight search without fully returning to the homescreen. You can bring up RiftBoard, swipe left to use Spotlight search and after performing your search dismiss RiftBoard and return to the original app you were using. In addition to Spotlight you also get full access to folders.

RiftBoard tweak features a nice animation that appears when you summon it and offers another animation when you launch an app from it. You can see the animation in action in the GIF above. Users get to customize the look of RiftBoard by switching between light blur and dark blur background options. You can also enable rotation feature on RiftBoard provided your device supports it.

RiftBoard can be downloaded from Cydia if you have a jailbroken iOS device running iOS 8 or iOS 9. It costs $1.99.

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