SafariSwiper tweak makes Safari tab switching extremely easy

SafariSwiper tweak

iOS Safari has improved a lot over the last few years, however one thing that remains to be refined is the tab switching experience on iPhone. If you have multiple tabs opened on your device and want to switch from one to another, you have to tap on the tabs button from the button bar, and then tap on the tab you want to open. SafariSwiper tweak makes things a lot simpler by allowing users to switch to other tabs by swiping on their screen. This function is similar to what is already found in the Chrome for iOS app.

Once installed SafariSwiper lets you switch tabs by swiping left or right on the button bar located at the bottom of the screen, which is great since you can still use the default swipe gestures to go back or to next webpage. You can switch to the next tab by swiping right and to the previous one by swiping left.

SafariSwiper is a must have Safari hack that makes using the stock web browser a lot easier. As you would expect from a tweak like this, there are no settings to configure.

You can download SafarSwiper tweak from Cydia for free.

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