Signet Tweak For Signal Gives You More Control Over The Messaging App

Signal app
Signet Tweak For Signal App

Ever since WhatsApp privacy fiasco alternate services such as Signal have seen a major spike in downloads and user base. If you are new to Signal or have been using it for a while, a new Cydia tweak called Signet is here to give you more control over the messaging app.

With Signet tweak for Signal messaging app you get 3 addition features. The first feature that you get gives you the ability to Disable Read Receipts within Signal app. Don’t confuse the ability to disable read receipts from Signet tweak with the disable read receipts feature found within Signal app.

With Signal’s setting if you disable read receipts, the feature is also turned off for other users as well. This means if your read receipts are not shown to others, you won’t be able to see if and when they have read your messages too. With Signet you can disable your read receipts for others however you will still be able to see if others have read your messages.

The second feature you get with Signet allows you to disable typing indicator. This means other users will not be able to tell if you are typing a message for them, however you will still be able to see when they are typing.

Lastly, the third feature that you get with this hack allows you to keep deleted messages. This means if other user deletes a message it will remain on your device, so you can read it and have it in your chat records.

Developer Fouad Raheb, who is the creator of this tweak has said that he will be adding more features to Signet, which means it will only get better.

You can download the Signet tweak from developer’s repo ( for free.

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