Spoof iPhone’s Location With Relocate Reborn Tweak

Relocate Reborn feat

Relocate Reborn tweak

One of the many unique things you can do on a jailbroken device is spoof your location. Spoofing can be both fun and useful as you can change your current location to anywhere in the world you like and make a fool out of your friends.

It can be useful for fooling certain apps and games into letting you do things that might not be possible. For example, on location based games you can set a different location and achieve in game tasks all while sitting at your couch.

There are many iOS 13 hacks that let you spoof your jailbroken iPhone or iPad’s location. Joining them today is Relocate Reborn tweak. This tweak, which is resurrection of the original Relocate tweak allows users to spoof their location and choose any place in the world as their current.

With its easy to use interface you can fake your iPhone location in two ways. You can either set Global location for your device, which will then be applied to all apps on your device.

Or you can choose to only do Applications override, which will let you select certain apps for which location will be changed. If you spoof your location on per app basis, then it will be changed only for this app while other apps will see the actual location.

The tweak also features the ability to disable GPS on the iPhone. This can help preserve battery however tweak’s developer says the fake location data with No GPS mode on is less reliable.

You can download the Relocate Reborn tweak from the Nepata repo (https://repo.nepeta.me) where it is available as a free download. The tweak works with iOS 13 or later.

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