SpoofSnap Tweak Lets You Fake Popularity On Snapchat

Are you looking for a tweak that would allow you to spoof your popularity on Snapchat? Then try the new SpoofSnap tweak for jailbroken devices. SpoofSnap is a fun and harmless hack for Snapchat users, which allows them to fool friends by faking how popular they are on the popular social application. The tweak does not have any affect on actual Snapchat view count however it allows users to change the number of views they have received on their story. The change is visible on screenshots that you can share with friends.

In addition to changing views for story snaps, users also get the ability to set fake snap screenshot stats. With SpoofSnap users can increase or multiply how many views and screenshots their stories have received, their Snapchat score and how many people have added you in their friends list. Do remember that the tweak only makes the changes on the device, and actual Snapchat stats are not changed.

SpoofSnap also makes it possible for users to hide screenshot stats, hide status bar within the app, hide typing to the other user, hide messages in chat and hide name when viewing snap.

You can download the SpoofSnap tweak from Cydia for free. It is available in the BigBoss repo.

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