Status Weather Tweak Replaces Carrier Name With Weather Report

Status Weather tweak

Status Weather tweak

For those of you who are tired of opening the Weather app again and again to check the weather, and don’t want to install the iOS 14 beta because it would cause you to lose your jailbreak we have a great Cydia hack.

Status Weather tweak puts the current weather condition in your area right in front of you by placing it in the status bar. The tweak only shows weather on the lockscreen, so you can still view the time on the home screen and apps. It simply replaces the carrier text and places a weather report in instead of it.

And honestly by placing the weather report you are taking a better advantage of the screen real estate than displaying the name of your carrier, which you already know.

With Status Weather you get access a various configurations that allow you to place current temperature, weather and an emoji view, which shows the current weather conditions in the form of an emoji.

You can even place the Emoji and the current temperature with emoji or weather condition at the same time. For example you can show 80° Sunny or 80°🌤.

Status Weather tweak

From Settings you can also change the time it takes for the tweak to refresh. By moving the slider you get to change the minutes after which weather report is refreshed.

Status Weather tweak 2

Status Weather tweak is available under the Packix repo for $0.50. It works with iOS 12.1 or later, including iOS 13.

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