StatusViz Tweak Adds A Cool Visualizer To The Status Bar

StatusViz tweak

One thing that the stock Music app still lacks is the music visualizer. While we wait for Apple to finally bring a nice visualizer to the iPhone, a new jailbreak tweak called StatusViz has already brought it to iPhone’s status bar. The visualizer appears on top left corner of the screen (on the left side of the notch) when the music is playing and animates to give a really cool looking effect.

StatusViz tweak has been released as a beta, so it has limitations on what it can do at this moment. It only has a single option to configure in the Settings app. With this option you can change the sensitivity of the visualizer. While we would love to see multiple design options for the status bar visualizer, currently only one option is available. However we expect that more visualizer options will be added in the near future when the tweak is out of its beta phase.

The tweak is only available on notched iPhones right now, so iPhone X or later are supported. The developer has revealed that he will be added support for iPhone 8 etc in the future updates.

You can currently download the StatusViz tweak for free by adding developer repository to Sileo or Cydia ( Once you have added the repo simply search for it in the store.

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