SwitchDock Tweak Adds Icon Row Of Your Favorite Apps On The App Switcher

If you are looking for a way that would allow you to quickly launch your frequently used apps, then SwitchDock is a tweak that you should try. This tweak adds a row of icon shortcuts on top of the App Switcher screen that gives an easy access to the user-specified apps. To get to the row of icon shortcuts all you need to do is open the App Switcher, where you can tap on the app’s icon to launch it. You can place up to 5 icons in the SwitchDock.

Perhaps the best thing about this tweak is that since you are getting the quick launcher row on the App Switcher, you can access it from any part of iOS, so you don’t need to go to the Homescreen just to launch the app.

Adding an application to the SwitchDock tweak is quite simple, you just have to tap and hold on any icon on the SwitchDock and from the popup menu select the app you want to pin. Once you have added the apps you can launch them.

To make sure SwitchDock is working on your device don’t forget to enable it from the Settings. You can download the tweak from Cydia where it is available at ‘http://repo.sparkservers.co.uk’ repo. It is available for free.

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