Add A Tint To Toggle Switches With SwitchTint For iOS

iOS toggle switches are everywhere. You find them in almost every section of the Settings app. Wouldn’t having the ability to change how they look have a profound affect on your overall iOS experience? That is exactly what SwitchTint tweak does. With this Cydia tweak you can personalize the way toggle switches look by adding your favorite colors to them. With this hack you can change the color for both states of the toggles, when they are on and when they are turned off.

From tweak’s Preference page you can change the tint of the switch, which affects the background of the button. With the Thumb Tint setting, you can choose a color for the thumb of the toggle. Finally the Disabled Outline Tint setting lets you choose a color for when toggles are in the disabled state.

Once you have selected the tints, you can preview the new toggle look right inside the preferences page. If you are happy with the look, then you can simply tap on the Respring button to apply the new theme.

You can download the SwitchTint tweak from Cydia for free. If fully works with iOS 9 and iOS 10 powered devices.

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