TimeAlarm tweak lets you add, edit and delete alarms right from lockscreen

TimeAlarm tweak

Alarm clock is one of iPhone’s most used features as almost all of us use it to wake up in the morning. Since we use the feature very often there should be a way to access it without unlocking our device and then opening the Clock app. That’s what this new tweak called TimeAlarm does, as it allows users to quickly edit existing alarms as well as create new ones right from the lockscreen, without even unlocking the iOS device. With TimeAlarm installed you can also delete an existing alarm without even opening the Clock app.

TimeAlarm works with Activator, letting users access its interface by performing an Activator gesture of their choice. Once the tweak has been invoked users can perform multiple actions concerning the alarm section of the stock Clock app. You can enable or disable any alarm, create a new one and set a wake up time for it, as well as edit the ones that were previously created. TimeAlarm provides a quick and easy way to interact with alarms.

TimeAlarm tweak (2)

TimeAlarm tweak is available in Cydia and works with both iOS 9 and iOS 8 powered devices.

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