You can force App Store to reload with this simple tip

App Store refresh tip

The App Store application on iOS works fine most of the time, however there are times when it fails to load properly or isn’t showing up to date content. In this case you can force close the App Store using the app switcher, however there is a better way to solve such problems. Apple has included a hidden action that when performed reloads the App Store and its content. When you perform this action the whole App Store will reload, potentially solving any loading problems you were having before.

To refresh the App Store app all you have to do is tap on any one of the 5 buttons from the button bar 10 times. This can be any of the 5 buttons that include Features, Top Charts, Explore, Search and Updates. Although you can tap on any button of your choice, once tapped you have to keep on tapping on the same button 10 times for the App Store to reload. Once you have performed the action properly the page will refresh and you will get the fresh content right away.

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