Twister Tweak Lets You Add Custom System Accent Color To iOS

Twister tweak
Twister tweak

If you find iOS’s accent colors to be boring and want to spice up your iPhone’s user-interface, then the newly released Twister tweak is for you.

Twister tweak makes it possible for iPhone users to add macOS inspired custom accent colors to their device. You can choose from up to 9 different colors or use the color picker tool to choose a unique color of your choice.

Once you select an accent color for your jailbroken device you will see the new color selection appear on various parts of the UI including toggle switches, navigation buttons, tab buttons, sliders and more. While this is a subtle change in the interface it is quite noticeable and pleasant.

The chosen accent colors will appear in both stock and third-party apps. If you find that Twister is interfering with an app’s functionality, you can also use the blacklist feature in that app.

One of the best things about the Twister tweak is that it integrates very well with the default Display & Brightness settings. In fact that integration is so well done that you will forget that the Accent color option is not a built-in iOS feature.

Twister tweak can be downloaded on any iOS 13 powered device for $0.98. It is available through the Twickd repo. Support for iOS 14 will be added in the future updates.

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