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VirtualHome tweak gets updated for iOS 9, lets you emulate home button with a tap


VirtualHome tweak gets updated for iOS 9, lets you emulate home button with a tap

Virtual home tweak

The popular VirtualHome tweak for Touch ID devices, which allows users to quickly return to the homescreen by simply tapping their finger on the home button without actually pressing it has received a major update. The update as you might have already guessed makes the hack fully compatible with iOS 9 jailbreak and iPhone 6s. In addition to adding compatibility the developer has also fixed some bugs related to passcode unlock and respring.

Using VirtualHome, you can not only return to the homescreen by tapping on the Touch ID enabled home button, but you can also select custom actions for single tap, double tap, short hold and tap and shot hold gestures. For these gestures you can set actions like accessing multitasking screen, which is another useful feature of this tweak as you don’t have to double press the home button to get to app switcher. You can even put the device to sleep with a home button gesture.

The tweak has yet to get updated on default Cydia repos, so in the meantime you can download it from developer’s own repo by adding ‘’ to your sources.

  • xTorchx

    Hello there, I tried to install it from that repo, I see the ‘VirtualHome 8 n 9’ pack but it is unable to download it “This product is not supported on your IOS version.” for the records I’ve got Iphine5S and IOS9.0.2 Cydia 1.1.24. thanks

    • Sidymar Prexedes


      Install cydown before and try again.!


      • joseph perri

        Can’t find cydown

      • xTorchx

        thank you, I didn’t know about cydown. thanks.
        Installed and it perfectly works now. cheers!

      • Anwar Basir Ahmad

        Thanx for recommending CyDown…helps a lot!!

  • sniphoe

    Same here.. 🙁

    • Anwar Basir Ahmad

      Download CyDown…and then try Virtual Home again

  • Feivl

    Hm, seems to be gone. Not on that repo.

  • xTorchx

    it in the official bigboss repo and purchasable. I’m glad to pay for such useful tweaks and I did so. for Iphone 5s + users it is the jailbreak “killer application”

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