Best Chess Games For iPhone And iPad In 2024

Best chess games for iPhone

What’s better than playing your favorite time passer games for iPhone and iPad. If you’re a fan of Chess, then these best Chess games for iPhone and iPad are for you.

These awesome Chess games give users the ability to play and learn chess while competing with real online players and well trained AI.

In today’s ever-connected world, we can play games and stay in touch while on the go. We can even watch TV shows and movies right on our phones and tablets. Online chess games on iPhonehave been gaining popularity lately; plenty of chess apps are available on the App Store that help you kill time no matter you are waiting in line at the supermarket or on your commute.

Top-Rated Free Chess Apps for iPhone

You open the App Store, and see a thousand options for chess game. Which one to download?

We heard you; selecting the chess games for iPhone can be daunting. That’s why we have compiled a list of only the top-rated chess games available online!

Here’s our list of the best chess games available today!

1. Chess – Play & Learn

iPhone Chess games

Playing chess can be a fulfilling social experience that brings you in contact with like-minded people all over the world. To play chess on the most popular app on the internet, you just have to say goodbye to the computer opponent. Free chess app Chess – Play & Learn allows you to play chess while learning new skills.

A primary advantage of playing online is that you can compete against anyone you happen to find at any given time. Test your chess skills against chess players from Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, the Czech Republic, or your own country. You can become friends, send messages, or arrange rematches with them. If you get defeated, you will have access to over 65,000 chess puzzles, thousands of videos, and interactive lessons from top chess players to help you improve.

Despite the fact that this app offers in-app purchases to unlock extra features, the free version offers so much content and numerous features that you can quickly get by without them.

 Install Chess – Play & Learn from the App Store today!

2. Champion Chess

Have you ever dreamed of becoming World Chess Champion? Your journey to the Championship begins as you participate in local, regional, and international tournaments against virtual opponents in Champion Chess!

With this app, you can play with more than 60 different virtual AI personalities at beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, and master levels.

Furthermore, practice games assist you in preparing for the main event. The more you practice, the more chances you will have of qualifying for the championships as you become more proficient.

Install Champion Chess from the App Store today!

3. Chess Royale

Best chess games for iPhone

The new Chess Royale app for iOS allows you to play one of the world’s greatest board games on your mobile device, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. Train your chess skills with tutorials, puzzles, and post-game analysis as you play with the AI, with friends, or against millions of strangers worldwide. Chess is never boring, and this beautifully designed app will allow you to discover the magic of the game and enhance your love of it over time.

There are eight different modes of play in addition to challenging real players of differing skill levels. You can take part in Blitzes with varying time limits, check the notifications system to see who else is online, challenge the AI in private, or organize tournaments of various formats for more multiplayer fun.

Install Chess Royale from the App Store today!

4. Chess ∙

Have you ever downloaded chess games on your iPhone that appear to have been designed for the Commodore 64? Let us provide you with the antidote. There’s no better chess game for the iPhone and iPad than Chess Free!

The Chess Free program supports both one-player and two-player games, whether you want to play against friends or against a computer.

Aside from impressive graphics and sound effects, the app also features a powerful AI engine with varying difficulty levels.

The application offers an undo function and automatic save when you get a phone call or exit the program. The game is supported by unobtrusive banner advertising. Furthermore, Chess Premium offers the same great features without ads.

Install Chess ∙ from the App Store today!

5. Chess – Clash of Kings

Best chess games for iPhone

Playing chess is a great way to entertain children and adults alike. Take part in online chess games with people all over the world and improve your logical thinking skills.

Chess is a free application that lets you play chess online in Blitz mode and compete in tournaments ranging from easy to difficult.

It is simply a chess puzzle game with hundreds of levels, tons of gold to collect, and endless challenges awaiting you. One of the best things about it is that it includes hints that show you how to make the most advantageous moves.

If you make a mistake, you can even undo it. Moreover, the analysis feature helps you progress in the game.

Install Chess – Clash of Kings from the App Store today!

6. Royal Chess Classic Board Game

Become a chess grandmaster through competition, learning, training, improvement, and strategy with the best chess game ever. Play Royal Chess, explore the royal world, and find new friends worldwide! You will be able to talk to your worldwide pals with real-time voice chat, messages, and fun emojis. 

Defeat your opponents, dominate the leaderboard, and become the king of royal chess. You can create multiplayer chessboards and play multiple games simultaneously. Plus, the app lets you create and play online and offline boards separately and auto-save offline games.

Install Royal Chess Classic Board Game from the App Store today!

7. Chess – Play Chess and Solve Puzzles

Best chess games for iPhone

There is no game more popular in the world than chess. The FIDE estimates that 600 million people around the world play chess every year.

With HD graphics and an easy-to-use interface, this chess app is designed for iPhone 5 and the new iPad retina display. What’s more, you can customize the chess pieces with 2D or 3D themes and even change the board’s appearance!

In the game, you can undo any move you make as many times as you like, and the AI responds quickly. In addition, you can view the entire game history with chess notation, allowing you to go back into any previous position.

Install Chess – Play Chess and Solve Puzzles from the App Store today!

Are you ready, champion?

So, that was our list of free chess games iPhone! 

In addition to building your game, it is equally important to review what you have learned. Several chess games for iPad and iPhone allow you to review moves or even rewind a game altogether, which can help you learn from your mistakes and improve as a player. 

Of course, the most suitable app to try depends on your personal preferences and style, but our list will certainly help you choose one.

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