Rainbrow Game Lets You Play With Your Eyebrows

Taking advantage of iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera the Rainbrow app lets you play and control your character with your eyebrows. It is a fun little game that not only demonstrates how cool the front camera on the new iPhone X is but also lets you pass time while in commute, albeit making you look silly.

The game is very simple to play. You have to move your emoji up or down with your face expressions. Raise both of your eyebrows and the emoji will move up, make a cross face to go down. The character stays at one place when you make an expression-less face.

The concept of the game is simple too, you have to dodge moving objects by climbing up or down and catch stars to increase your points.

While the game works quite accurately on the iPhone X, it is also compatible with non-X iPhones. The accuracy on older iPhones may not be on par with the iPhone X but you can still enjoy the game in a well lit room.

You can download the Rainbrow game for free.

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