TouchHLE Emulator Lets You Play Old iPhone Games On Mac And PC

Have you ever wanted to play old iPhone games on your Mac or Windows PC? If yes, you might want to check out the TouchHLE emulator by developer Hikari no Yume.

This emulator allows iPhone fans to play old iPhone games such as Super Monkey Ball on their Mac or Windows PC. With the release of the TouchHLE emulator, users can enjoy some classic iPhone game titles that their developers have discontinued.

TouchHLE is an emulator that does not try to emulate entire iPhoneOS from the past, but instead, it has been created to run specific apps like the Super Monkey Ball game that the developer herself wanted to play.

The emulator features joysticks that allow users to replace the accelerometer-based controls of the original Super Monkey Ball game. The emulator simulates touches on the screen and plays sounds.

Hikari says the emulator is completely legal to distribute as she has not used code written by Apple and has avoided reverse engineering iPhoneOS.

In addition to allowing users to play Super Monkey Ball, TouchHLE emulator can also be used to play similar games like Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3D and more. The tool does not allow users to play more recent or complex games that require more advanced hardware.

You can download TouchHLE emulator on your computer and play old iPhone games from the official GitHub page here. (Via)

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