How To Access AirDrop Settings and Personal Hotspot Toggle On iOS 11 CC

In this post we will show you how you can access the AirDrop settings and Person Hotspot toggle on the new Control Center. Getting access to them is super simple, all you have to do is force tap or long press on the toggle section of Control Center. You can find this toggle section on top left side of the Control Center screen.

Once you are on the toggle screen you will see 2 addition toggles, one for AirDrop and the other for Personal Hotspot. You can access the AirDrop settings by tapping on the toggle. When you tap on it you will get the AirDrop menu with options like Receiving Off, Contacts Only and Everyone.

The Personal Hotspot toggle does not have any options, it is just a toggle. To access Personal Hotspot settings you have to launch the Settings app.

The new iOS 11 Control Center can take some getting used to as we have been accustomed of using the previous design for many years. However when you do get used to it, it is certainly a big improvement over the previous version both in terms of design and functionality.

We previously told you how you can access the Night Shift toggle on new iOS 11 Control Center. As it turns out accessing these two toggles wasn’t as straightforward as one would expect.

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