Battery issues: iPhone or iPad randomly turning off? This might fix it

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We have talked about the battery woes of iPhone and iPad users a number of times and have suggested ways that may help in easing the situation. Today we are going to address a different issue and help iPhone and iPad users, whose devices tend to randomly turn off even with battery power remaining. There are several different reasons why this happens, which are mentioned later in the post. In order to fix this problem you may try a few things before turning your device to an Apple store near you.

So why does your iOS device turns off without any reason?

Well there is definitely a reason behind it and a number of factors may be playing a role here. Depending on your individual situation the issue may be related to software, the battery hardware or your device’s battery indicator may not be functioning properly and showing remaining charge when there’s none available.

To solve this problem there are two things that you can do as explained by OSXDaily.

Let your device fully run out of charge before recharging it

One of the solution that has actually solved the random turn off problem for many users is letting the battery go down up to 0 percent before plugging the device in for recharging. Usually iOS starts telling you to recharge your device when the device reaches 20 percent and keeps on prompting afterwards. But you should ignore the warning and let your device run out of battery. Doing this will resolve the issue of iOS not showing the right amount of charge available in the device and also the turning off issue.

Backup and restore your device

Restoring the iOS device to fix any problem has become the ‘turn it off and back on’ for iOS users, but you may be surprised to know that it actually helps in solving most of the problems. Doing this will not only upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest available software version (which may contain the bug fix to solve your problem) but also installs the fresh OS fixing any random bugs it may have developed over the course of time you have been using it.

Problem still not resolved?

If your device is still experiencing random turn off problem despite trying the methods above then there may be something serious going on with your device. Your best bet is to take it to the good guys at the Apple Store who will definitely be able to fix the problem for you.

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