How To Delete WhatsApp Account On iPhone

Most of us have WhatsApp accounts that we use on daily basis. However what if one day we decide we no longer want to use the app? If that’s why you are here, then we have got the perfect step-by-step instruction guide on how to Delete WhatsApp Account On iPhone.

Before you proceed to following the steps below do note that deleting a WhatsApp account is a permanent action. When you delete your WhatsApp account you will also be removing yourself from any WhatsApp groups you are part of, deleting your WhatsApp message history as well as WhatsApp iCloud backups. If you know exactly what you are doing, then follow the instructions below.

Delete WhatsApp account on iPhone

Delete WhatsApp Account On iPhone

1. First of all make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed.

2. Now launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.

3. Enter your phone number. Make sure you include the right country code as well.

4. Finally hit the ‘Delete My Account‘ button.

That’s it! After completing these steps you have been able to Delete WhatsApp Account On iPhone. If you ever decide to use the WhatsApp again, then you will have to create a new account.
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