How To Enable Or Disable Apple Pencil’s Scribble Feature On iPadOS 14

Enable or Disable Scribble iPad

Enable or Disable Scribble iPad

Follow this easy guide to enable or disable iPadOS Scribble feature for Apple Pencil. These steps let you enable or disable the feature on both first and second generation Apple Pencil models.

iPadOS 14 brings the Scribble feature to the iPad’s Apple Pencil. This new feature gives users the ability to write anywhere on their iPad’s screen after which iPadOS converts the handwritten text into typed text.

With Scribble you can Handwrite in any text area to convert it into type, delete text by scratching it out with the pencil, select text by drawing a line over it, insert text by tapping and holding with the Pencil in between two words as well as join or separate words by drawing a vertical line in between them.

Depending on your personal preference you might want to enable or disable Apple Pencil’s Scribble feature. Good news is you can easily do so from Apple Pencil settings.

How to enable or disable Apple Pencil Scribble feature

To do so simply follow these instructions.

Enable or disable Apple Pencil Scribble

  1. On your iPad running iPadOS 14 or later open Settings.
  2. From the side pane tap on Apple Pencil option.
  3. Finally turn on the toggle for ‘Scribble‘ to enable Apple Pencil Scribble.
  4. You can disable the same toggle to disable Scribble feature on iPadOS.

That’s it. This is how you can quickly enable or disable Apple Pencil Scribble mode on your iPadOS 14 powered iPad. This feature is available for both first and second generation Apple Pencil.

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