Get iPhone 6 Plus’s rotate feature on old iPhone’s homescreen with IconRotator tweak

iPhone 5s rotate IconRotator

Apart from its giant screen iPhone 6 Plus comes with a few exclusive features that set it apart from other iPhone models. One such feature is its rotation feature that not only rotates the app icons on the homescreen but also changes the orientation of several stock applications to better take advantage of the larger real estate. While the rotation feature is limited to iPhone 6 Plus only you can get it on the homescreen of your older iOS device with the help of a tweak called IconRotator.

Interestingly the IconRotator tweak was released by Ryan Petrich for iOS 5 and hasn’t been updated to support later versions of iOS. However it has recently been discovered that the tweak works pretty nicely on new software versions including iOS 7.x.x. This allows jailbroken iOS users to have the new iPhone’s rotation feature, at least on the homescreen.

As of right now you cannot download IconRotator from the App Store as it does not officially supports iOS 7. You will get compatibility error even though the tweak works fine on the newer version. Until that changes, to get the tweak you need to follow the steps below.

  • First you will have to open iFile on your iOS device and tap on the globe button. Then on your computer go to ‘’ using any web browser. Make sure your computer and iPhone are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Next download this .deb file for IconRotator and upload it on your device through the computer. You can upload it in any directory however make sure you are able to find it on your iPhone later.
  • Once transfer has been completed, on iFile tap on the ‘Home’ button and go to the directory you uploaded the .deb file on. Tap on it.
  • From the menu tap on ‘Installer’. The tweak will install on your device and you will be able to see it work right away. If it doesn’t work then respring your iPhone.

That’s it! Now you know how to get that fancy iPhone 6 Plus feature on your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5’s homescreen. Of course its not perfect but still its cool enough to have. Also, you can make the appearance better by changing the size of icons or hiding labels using different tweaks.

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