How to get a refund for an app you purchased from the App Store

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Have you ever bought an app from the App Store only to find out it does not work as it says in the App’s description or it is not compatible with your iPhone or iPad. If the answer to that question is yes then its time to get a refund. In this post we will tell you step by step how you can get a refund for app your purchased from the App Store. Let’s get started.

How to request a refund from App Store through Apple’s website

1. Open Apple’s official ‘Report a Problem’ website (link).

2. Sign in with the Apple ID you used to purchase the app.

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3. Now from the ‘Report a Problem’ page click on the ‘Apps’ section. There you will find all of the apps you have downloaded from the App Store including the paid and the free ones. Look for the app you want to get refund for. Needless to mention but it should be a paid app only if you are going for a refund. If you have a general complain then this page will be useful too.

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4. Once you have found the app click on the ‘Report a Problem’ button and from the drop down menu select the reason of demanding a refund. You can describe the problem you are facing with the app such as it is not compatible with your iOS device, it does not work as advertised or it is too buggy to be used normally among other reasons.

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5. After filling out the form you can hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Before you get your hopes too high it is essential to keep in mind that you will only get a refund if you have a valid reason for this demand. Also after you submit a report it could take a few weeks or even months before you get a response.

Reporting a problem in an app and demanding a refund from the App Store is simple enough using the method above however there is another way that you can use to get a refund on the app you purchased.

How to request a refund from App Store through iTunes

1. Open iTunes and click on the ‘View Account’ option located under the ‘Store’ menu.

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2. Next look for the ‘Purchase History’ section and click on ‘See All’ link. You will then see the list of most recent apps you have purchased or downloaded. If you don’t see the app you are looking for change the month and year.

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3. When you have found the app click on the small icon with an arrow located on the left side of app’s listing.

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4. From the next page click on ‘Report a Problem’ button and then on ‘Report a Problem’ link present adjacent to the app’s title.

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You will be directed to Apple’s website after which you can follow the step 4 as listed above.

That’s it! Now you know how to request a refund on the app you purchased from the App Store. You can also use the same method to report problems with other items purchased from iTunes Stores as well including songs, books etc.

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  1. Thank you for the article.Got a refund in under a min.Am sure they are aware that app is the worst thing ever.virtual browser from google chrome

  2. Thanks so much. Never would have figured this out myself! Looks like my refund will be easy-peasy now.

  3. The problem for me is that I have been charged for an app that I did not download. I downloaded a free trial app for SplashID and I was charged for a Wi Fi version of SplashID that I did not want. This was on 30th August and I did not find out until my card statement came in September. I contacted iTunes who say they do not refund and SplashID say the same and referred me back to iTunes. Stalemate. Something is wrong when a free trial pulls down a paid item at the same time and there’s no way to rectify the problem. Pretty good for the seller and iTunes. They get paid and the consumer gets debited. neat!!

  4. I bought a splashtop subscription and it didnt worked becouse it was a jailbroken device (I bought with real money). Now its the third time I ask for a refund and Apple doesnt even give me a answer. Overpriced products and even a refund I cant get for a non working purchase?
    These people are thiefs, such a rich company but stealing money from consumers

    1. well, your device is jailbroken. there is no guarantees that any apps will run on a jailbroken device. you have only yourself to blame, not apple buddy. and no one is stealing from you. the first two words you typed were “i bought”, in reference to the app. then, about 20 words later, you again said “i bought” in reference to the jailbroken device. if in both instances “YOU bought”, then NO ONE stole from you. learn to be more responsible with your money and to not blame others for your own choices, especially when your setup can easily be the reason the app isn’t working. you sound like a 12 year old blaming corporations for their greed when in every instance you are at fault here. no one else.

    2. Because you using a jail broken device of course Apple aren’t going to refund you, jailing breaking is against apples policy.

  5. the artical did not help at all but however, i purchased a game called scribblenauts remix and i played a certain level and it just took me out of the game and it erased all my progress and i had to do the tutorial all over again but i also had to do all the levels over agian so i need to know how to delete it and get my money back because i payed $5.00 on that game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This article was very helpful! Thank you! I just went through the process and got my refund for an app that wanted to quit every time I used it. Perhaps it wasn’t compatible with my iPad 2.

  7. I dont have enough space on the computer i am posting this on and i got a app but it crashes when it is finished loading!

  8. within the 90 day from purchase and app doesn’t work. Developer says to go to Apple for refund and Apple says go to the developer for refund. This doesn’t work for me. Any help?

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