GTA San Andreas to make iPhone and iPad debut in December

gta san andreas ipad

In an official announcement Rockstar, which is the studio behind insanely popular Grand Theft Auto series has revealed that the GTA San Andreas game will be released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in December. Grand Theft San Andreas that was originally released in 2004 is a console and PC game with considerably good graphics, gameplay and storyline.

According to Rockstar the mobile version of the game will feature remastered graphics, greater draw distance than the console version, character improvements among other upgrades to better take advantage of the modern technology and powerful iOS devices. The game will obviously feature support for new touch controls for iPhone and iPad but apart from that Rockstar has also added support for iOS 7’s MFi or Made for iOS controllers, which will make playing the game even more fun.

This is not the first time Rockstar is releasing a console game for iOS devices as previously the gaming studio has also released GTA III and GTA Vice City – both of which are available in the App Store right now. Along with iOS, GTA San Andreas will also be released on Android and Windows Mobile devices.

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