How to change the name of an Apple Watch

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A lot of people who have already received their Apple Watch are currently in the discovery stage, meaning they are learning and getting used to their new Apple device. Then there are people who have ordered their Watch already but it has yet to get delivered. No matter which category you belong to knowing even the little things about this new device can make your experience of using it a lot better. We have posted several how to guides that tell you how to perform the most basic yet important tasks on an Apple Watch.


How to Rename Apple Watch

This article is no different as in this one we will show you how you can rename your Apple Watch. Like many other things renaming a Watch also involves you making changes on the stock Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Follow the simple steps below to rename your Watch.

  1. On your iPhone open the Watch app and tap on the ‘My Watch’ button from the button bar.
  2. Next on the General option and then on ‘About’.
  3. On the next page tap on the ‘Name’ field and type in your desired name. That’s it.

You can name your Watch as you like. For example, you can name it after yourself such as ‘Zaib’s Watch’ or give it some other funky name.

What will you name your Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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