How To Put More Specific Time In Calendar [Trick]

When you are adding a new event in iPhone’s Calendar app, you might have noticed that when you try to enter its start and end times, you can only enter time in the intervals of 5 minutes. So if you are trying to add an event that has a specific start time of 10:07AM you can either choose 10:05AM or 10:10AM, since there’s no option in between.

However most iPhone users are unaware that they can actually put a more specific start and end time for their events, all they have to do is perform a simple trick on the date and time picker interface.

In order to turn 5 minute intervals into 1 minute intervals simply access the date and time picker by tapping on ‘Starts’ or ‘Ends’ options. Then with your index finger double tap on the minute section of the picker interface. Doing so will turn 5 minute intervals into 1 minute intervals, enabling you to choose any minute of the hour for start and end times.

You can do this for any new or existing event in your stock Calendar. This also works in certain third-party calendar applications so go ahead and give it a try.

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